DOT Tourism New Logo Slogan More Fun Philippines Replaces Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Department of Tourism DOT in the Philippines has recently announces the New DOT Slogan Logo "It's More Fun in the Philippines" replaces the controversial, most reviewed 2010 DOT slogan logo "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" The New DOT Logo Slogan It's more Fun in the Philippines is now in the English Language contrary to the Pilipinas Kay Ganda Slogan and the new DOT Logo slogan is composed of the Phrase "It's more fun in the Philippines" and weaved design of the Philippine Map with different shades of Yellow, Red, Blue Colors.
In the new DOT Logo Slogan website shows some Poster or soon billboard design for foreign crowded busy places anywhere in the world:
"Commuting. More Fun in the Philippines"
"Status Updates. More Fun in the Philippines"
"Getting Upstairs. More Fun in the Philippines"
More Fun in the Philippines!